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Issuing time:2020-09-15 11:22

Kingbank SSD modules is 3 years warranty.Kingbank DRAM Modules is covered by a life time warranty commencing from the purchase date.(Malfunctions or damage that is caused by natural disasters)

*Note: In the event that a law or regulation of a particular country/region requires a warranty with specific terms for Products, KINGBANK shall, in such country/region, provide warranty services to those local consumers in accordance with such law or regulation.

1. Warranty Service


Subject to the terms and conditions hereunder, KINGBANK provides, without any charges or fees, replacement or repair services to our customers for defective Products within the applicable warranty term (hereinafter referred to as “Warranty Service”). The warranty term commences from the original purchase day. If Warranty Service is needed, any documentation which is able to prove the original purchase day should be provided. If the original purchase day cannot be determined, the commencement of the warranty term will be determined by KINGBANK according to the Product serial number


Please contact the local reseller where the purchase was made for help. Or you may, at your option, make a Warranty Service Request on KINGBANK’s RMA service webpage. Through your request on the webpage, KINGBANK will provide Warranty Service from KINGBANK headquarter. In this case, the cost of transportation and relevant insurance for the delivery of the Product to KINGBANK shall be borne by you, and KINGBANK shall cover the cost of all other transportation and relevant insurance when returning the Product back to you after Warranty Service completion.


Please note that:

(1) KINGBANK may replace the defective Product with a spare product from stock as in lieu of repairing the Product, and after replacement, KINGBANK may at its sole option dispose of defective Products. Therefore, in this case, the repaired Products you receive may not be the original Products you sent for Warranty Service, and the original Product will not be returned back to you as well.

(2) In the event that production of the Product has been discontinued or factory repair service is no longer provided, KINGBANK will, at its sole discretion, offer a substitute in equivalent level or class for such Product instead.

2. Scope of Warranty and Disclaimer
2.1 This warranty will not apply under these circumstances:
(1) Malfunctions or damage that is caused by natural disasters, accidents, acts of vandalism, and improper use (products not used in accordance with the product's description, product design, or as a fixture or for testing purposes, such as continous plugging and unplugging, etc.), improper installation (e.g. on equipment that is not compatible or not in compliance with the product's design, etc.), etc.)
(2) Products that have been damaged due to misuse, neglect, unauthorized disassembly, modifications, or alterations.
(3) Product damage caused by abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions or power problems such as insufficient voltage, excessive and unstable power supplies, or excessive charging of lithium batteries.
(4) Product serial number, barcode or label is inconsistent with the original or not visually identifiable to confirm the authenticity of the product, including having been modified, smeared, removed, damaged, lost.
(5) Products purchased through unauthorized distribution channels, second-hand retailers, or resale products that violate national import and export regulations.
(6) Compatibility issues not related to KINGBANK products

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