KingBank Heatsink Series Gaming DRAM

With the latest models going up to a 7200MHz XMP use, these modules are of super overclocking capability to strike a stable 8000MHz with proper device configuration and settings. From DDR4 to DDR5, these modules can take your games to a next level in both speed and stability.
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With high-quality chips and atmospheric design, we strive to develop better products to help you level up your gadgets. We hope that every detail will satisfy you perfectly.

We found this company with the belief to deliver high-quality products to customers.

Over the years, we have dived into the research and development in storage devices and looked into the market with acuity so as to produce durable and affordable solid-state drives and memory modules with ever-increading performance to meet your needs.

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We hold it as our business philosophy and work to provide you with diversified and satisfying pre-sales and after-sales services, from inquires to maintenance, all to live up to your expectations.

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