About KingBank

Shenzhen KingBank Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Shenzhen Qianhai Weishengda E-commerce Co., Ltd. established in 2014 along with the brand name "KingBank" registered), turned into a self-branded company in 2021*, striking a place in the market with solid-state drive-led peripheral series products. Over the years, we have equipped us with the most advanced and rigorous testing process in the industry, providing high-performance gadgets such as SSDs, memory RAMs and portable digital accessories.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, a place abounding talents and opportunities, we boast a great resources to develop and manufacture efficient hardware peripherals to meet a market in high demand. Exploring the online sales channels such as JD.com early on, we have bettered our service centers in terms of inquiries, after-sales, warranty and maintenance, featuring instantly responsive and supportive.

We aim to deliver fulfilling innovations to upgrade your desktop devices. Thus, we value highly users' feedback to constantly upgrade our products and designs. The philosophy of putting people first is carved in our business concept, so we take customers first in the business and employees first in the workplace, winning us reliability and mutual care in return. For years, we have gained through strict self-management a wide recognition on high-quality goods and satisfying after-sales service.

Going forward, we will keep providing a growing series of trustworthy products and service, positioning KingBank to be a globally leading hardware peripheral brand.

So to say:

We are KingBank, and we are here to build you a magnificent memory bank.

*In case you wonder, and for those who might have already taken a screenshot, the previous labelling of "2001" is a truth half told, or a missing word for the proper business information in a foreign language. We KingBankers started the business as a hardworking OEM agent back then. We did dive into this industry by learning from the giants and years later we assumed it a proper time to hatch out our own ideally blip-free brand. Yet it is always easier said than done. We bumped and stumbled along the way, and will most likely be like that in the future, but one thing is 1000% sure, which is that we will never stop. Let's stay tuned for a promising KingBank.

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Product Features

1. Motor-free plug and play, faster rotation.

2. Fast random reading, halving the booting time for your PC or laptop.

3. The DRAM-based Kingbank solid-state drive has extremely fast writing speed.

4. No noise. Featuring motor-free and fan-less, no noise is generated during running.

5. Low energy consumption, more efficient.

6. No mechanical part, no fear of collision, high-speed movement or tilting, stronger protection against data loss.

7. Wider working temperature range, stretching from -10to 85.

8. Small size and light weight.

Address: 8F, Building 1, Qianhai Kexing Science Park, Xingye Road, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
Hotline: +86 0755-28230252                                                      
Email: enquiry@kingbank.com