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Review: Overclocked to 8200MHz? Watch KingBank DDR5 6800MHz Memory Modules!

Issuing time:2023-11-23 11:29

Overclocked to 8200MHz? Watch KingBank DDR5 6800MHz Memory Modules!

Memory modules are pricing at a rather steady level for now. No more skyrocketing price tags to bear, we gamers can really take it a good time for a hard boost-up. I got a pair of KingBank SharpBlade RGB DDR5 6800MHz RAM sticks to do the job.

Boosting up your desktop device with a single RAM faring 16GB and up to 24GB or 32GB is what we take as a good bargain. The pair I have here are 6800MHz DRAM of 16GB, rendering the whole RAM a dual-channel of 32GB. Lets unbox them.

KingBank SharpBlade RGB DRAM features a 2mm-thick metal heatsink with RGB light strip laced on the top side. The heatsink holds a rather fine texture in hand and are trimmed with a styled Chinese character and silver lines along. Inside, the PCB is advertised to bear a 10-layer design with industry-level thermal paste.

Which reveals whats coming to say about their eye-popping overclocking potential. Given the random chip quality level of both the motherboard and CPU may largely limit the OC capability of RAM sticks, what Ive achieved on these RAMs might not be replicable.

Below is my PC configuration:

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z790 AORUS ELITE X WiFi7 D5

CPU: Intel Core i9-14900K

GPU: 3080TI

Memory: KingBank SharpBlade RGB DDR5 6800MHz 16G*2

Cooler: DeepCool LS720 360mm

Battery: ENERMAX 1050W

PC case: DeepCool

Some may say that i5-14600K model also can greatly support the RAM in overclocking. But I decided to try out the latest version.

Boot up and the RGB lights up just right, decorating the whole display to a next level. The lighting is evenly shown and dancing smoothly with fine transition of each color, dwarfing that of the cooler or the motherboard. You could easily get glued to their lighting effect. KingBank is indeed doing a rather great job in the exterior design.

Here comes the key points about these memory modules. Check the chips and PCB design if youre to learn something about the performance.

As mentioned that KingBank SharpBlade DDR5 RAM adopts a 10-layer PCB design with 2mm-thick metal heat spreader, it is bestowed with great super overclocking performance.

First lets check the chips. With select Hynix A-die chips, which are the optimal choice for a stable DDR5 memory module, this RAM can basically be overclocked to 7200MHz and beyond. Whats left could be the configs of other hardware. Today Im going to check if it can go up to 8000MHz plus.

Under the default XMP setting, its basic 6800MHz is a sure thing to achieve. But the modules can actually do more and stable between 7400MHz and 7800MHz.

After rounds of tweaking the specs (minus the details of the time-consuming process), I made them work stably and successfully at 8200MHz.

Under a frequency at 8200MHz, the memory sticks run at a room temperature and AIAD64 reads a RAM read speed at 127.08GB/s, a write speed at 125.99GB/s and copy at 122.23GB/s, with a latency merely at 57.2ns. Record numbers they are!

What really shocks me is that the RAMs with excellent performance are faring a rather low price tag! Instead of blowing up the prices to boast its 8000MHz speed, KingBank is keeping these magic down to earth for the public to give it a try.

A latency at 57ns can so powerfully boost up your RAM-consuming work and high-capacity games! I have to admit that KingBank memory is such a great worth to be one of my Double 11 shopping spree picks.

In a nutshell, KingBank SharpBlade RGB DDR5 6800MHz DRAM, with its super overclocking potential and fine lighting and a rather low price, is so worth your choice to upgrade your gadget!

The article was originally posted on the WeChat Official Account of KingBank in Chinese; the English version was excerpted.

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