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Event: KingBank at WOCEE 2024 in Manila Philippines

Issuing time:2023-08-15 09:18

The World of Consumer Electronics Expo (WOCEE) 2023 in Manila, Philippines, came to a successful conclusion last week. It was a highly anticipated event that showcased the latest and most innovative consumer electronic products from around the globe. The expo provided a platform for leading electronics companies to present their cutting-edge technologies and engage with industry professionals, consumers, and enthusiasts.



KingBank with its quality DRAMs and SSDs attracted a diverse audience comprising tech-savvy consumers, industry professionals, and investors. Featuring budgety yet high-performance, KingBank branded products brought hearty smiles on everyone who harvested the treasure of storage devices. KingBank had a really great time with all the attendees in this Expo.






Going forward, we will keep providing a growing series of trustworthy products and service, positioning KingBank to be a globally leading hardware peripheral brand to upgrade your bank of storage gadgets.

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