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Industy News | DRAM Probably of 5% Price Increase in Q2

Issuing time:2024-02-28 13:34

Reports from CTEE reveal concerns about the ever-enduring price increase of storage devices this year against the backdrop of a shrinking demand on universal servers and desktop computers. Plus a continued production cut from Q4, 2023 to date in the industry-leading part suppliers, analysts worried a tilted market situation.

Further estimates from MS have it that the long-term pricing of DRAM might not suffer a heavy fluctuation, holding a 15~20% level in Q1, 2024 and seeing a modest 5% increase in the coming quarter with a certain price tag surfacing by the end of March. Even so, an 8% of demand drop on consumer-grade desktops and servers in Q1 this year will weigh in on quotation and quantity request from end users.

Also, pricing of NAND flash is estimated to alleviate in the coming season, while industry-level SSDs will most likely see a demand boost in the second half of 2024.

Boosted by a coming series of new releases from smartphone giants, storage devices might see another round of price rise. Market research has it that smartphone profits might register a 3~5% growth this year though the ever-emerging AI-powered cellphones might only take up a mere 5% share of this colossal industry. Its dynamic growth momentum might give another booster to the demand of storage devices, which would likely render a seasonal price rise of DRAM.

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